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Finally after almost a lifetime I have created another song. Tell me what you think! I have to apologize because of school work and I am also applying to colleges... SOOOOO BUSY!!!!

Back to School...

2009-08-23 16:08:06 by Erosis

It's that time of the year again... I am actually somewhat excited though. It's my senior year and I have decided I am going to relax a bit compared to my previous years in High School. It's just too stressful. I've decided that I want to have a little fun in my life rather than studying ALL OF THE TIME. Maybe I'll even get some more opportunities to write some songs for all of ya :P Even so, I am in 2 AP classes and that will probably be enough to cause me to be near suicide... but do not fret internet! I shall fight the urge and continue doing what I love doing :)

What's up?

2009-01-12 20:28:48 by Erosis

Hey everyone, just introducing myself here. My account name is Erosis, but my real name is Austin. I love listening to music on NG and playing the occasional game. I know a little bit of German and like making music in Garage Band. I can try making Flash Movies but they usually come out very sucky and poorly done so no one will see those for quite sometime. Thanks for reading :D

Erosis (Austin)